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Hide and Seek

Global Alliance of Women in Health Innovations

Women-centric Health through Innovations

Welcome to the Global Alliance of Women in Health Innovations. 

The goal of this forum is to 

- bring visibility to the work done by women leaders in this industry

- understand the challenges and gaps that are faced by women leaders in HealthTech and MedTech space

- understand the opportunities and challenges that exist in the region in the health sector that can be met with new innovations

- build a platform for exchanging ideas, projects, funding and collaboration opportunities for solving major issues in global health

- build a thought leadership to advise policies, investments and innovations for addressing key challenges in global health 


We will be launching a series of (5) interviews, (5) masterclasses, (2) panel discussions (2) in-person multistakeholder workshops and (1) regional conferences.   

Join us in putting women in the centre of the innovations!

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