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Global Alliance on Health Research and Innovation 

Uniting Minds, Transforming Health

We are building a global platform for Collaboration, Conversations and Collective Intelligence to facilitate projects, research, development, policies, investments and scale-up of innovative solutions in Global Health space. 

We are thrilled to have you participate in the Global Alliance on Health Research and Innovations (GAHRAI)


The goal of this forum is to 

- accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies in global health. 

- understand the opportunities and challenges that exist in the region in the health sector that can be met with new innovations

- build a platform for exchanging ideas, projects, funding and collaboration opportunities for solving major issues in global health

- build a thought leadership to advise policies, investments and innovations for addressing key challenges in global health 

- bring together key actors in global health research, innovations, investments and policies in active dialog and discussion for collaborative projects.


We will be launching a series of (5) interviews, (5) masterclasses, (2) panel discussions (2) in-person multi-stakeholder workshops and (1) regional conference annually.   

Join us to share your case studies, contribute to white papers, collaborate on book projects, organize workshops and courses, find project and investment opportunities and engage in business networking.

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