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Women should Hold on to their Aspirations, says Geospatial Expert, Tinah Mutabazi

This is a part of blog series featuring Women Leaders on the occasion of International Women's Day 2022, and adds to our project Drones for Daughters - that inspires young girls for playing leadership roles in emerging technologies, aviation technologies and future of aerial mobility and bridging the gender gap in these industries.

Tinah Mutabazi

Coordinator/ Managing Director

Uganda Flying Labs/ Ratidzo SpatialTech Ltd


Tell us About You! What do you do and where are you from?

I am into location intelligence, GIS, Drone technology and Data analysis.

What inspired you to do what you have been doing?

I have always loved working with technology, drones are making our work even easier and also working with other women in the geospatial world made me gravitate toward career change.

As a leader, what is the most important task that you have taken on your shoulders?

The most important task I have taken on my shoulder is to give career opportunities to university graduates in order to enlarge the territory of innovation, I believe in fresh mind doing exploits.

What kind of ecosystem reforms do you see happening in the next few years that will favour a gender-balanced world?

STEM projects are opening door for that little girl who had little self esteem that she can to it. The government policies are making great strides for women to flourish.

This year's theme for International Women's Day is Break the Bias. So what is the most awkward, most uncomfortable bias that you faced and what do we do to change that?

The most awkward moment in my space when people realise that I am the major role player and try so hard to look for a man behind my shoulder.

What's your message for millions of daughters out there who are waiting to get inspired by you?

Hold on to your aspirations, give a blind eye to those who put you down and focus on elevating yourself in integral ways, don't take short cuts. If you are hungry to learn it will pay off when you start working. Look for mentor who bring value to your career path.

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