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Value of Localization in Drones and Development

Updated: May 23, 2022

Dr. Patrick Meier from WeRobotics spoke on Value of Localization in Drones at the 1st International Conference on Drones in Development (ICDD 2021).

Dr. Patrick Meier brings 15+ years of experience in Humanitarian Technology to WeRobotics. He has worked with multiple UN agencies, Red Cross, World Bank, OSCE, OCED, Facebook, Planet Labs and more. Patrick founded the Humanitarian UAV Network (UAViators) and co-founded the Digital Humanitarian Network. He has a PhD from the Fletcher School, Pre-Doc from Stanford and MA from Columbia University. Patrick was born and raised in Africa and is a CASA-certified drone pilot.

In this presentation, Dr Patrick talks about value of localization in using emerging technologies such as drones for humanitarian efforts, and shares the example of the global Flying Labs network, which is a very effective model which has empowered local teams in 30+ countries across the Global South. Flying Labs model is now documented for its effectiveness, impact and ethical adoption of drone technologies.



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