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Global Alliance on Drones in Development

A Global Knowledge-based Community  

Global Alliance on Drones in Development is a collaboration and knowledge-sharing platform to advocate the adoption of drone technologies for sustainable development and social impact.


The platform is developed and maintained by Caerobotics, a social impact consultancy helping organizations adopt emerging technologies at scale for development and impact. 

Building a Global Collaboration Platform

We are a worldwide community of people who are passionately engaged with emerging technologies and are devoted to using them for strengthening their communities. Our members research, develop, learn, adopt, improve, invest in and build policies and programs around drone-based technologies.


Our multi-stakeholder community includes inventors and innovators, researchers, academicians, authors, program managers, manufacturers, service providers, activists, investors, thought leaders and policy makers from over 30 countries.

We bring these champions together for open knowledge-sharing, discussions, co-creation, and building crowdsourced resources such as conferences, courses, podcasts white papers, publications, workshops, projects, advocacy programs, policy advisories and multilateral cooperation. 

Some of our signature activities are:

- Advanced Course in Drones in Development: 2 Editions of this unique course had 30 masterclasses on diverse topics with 30 assignments

- International Conference on Drones in Development: 2 Editions of this virtual conference has over 300 delegates convening for sharing presentations and papers about using drones in development and social impact

- Drone Leadership Summit: This meet-up had a focused panel discussion to discuss challenges and opportunities in cargo drones and advanced air mobility

- Women Leaders in Aviation Meet: This involved women who are leading the aerospace industry and are the role models of tomorrow

We conduct open as well as dedicated in-person workshops with practical hands-on engagement. We cover advanced applications and adoption of drone technologies in sectors such as public health, emergency response, disaster management, infrastructure assessment, smart cities, agriculture, conservation of natural resources, renewable energy and STEM education.

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Global Alliance on Drones in Development 


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