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Together for A Better World

Caerobotics is a Social Impact Consultancy that supports the Adoption of Emerging Technologies in Emerging Economies.

About Us

We are building Micro-ecosystems as tools for Systems Change through Conversations, Collective Intelligence and Collaborations.

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Our Platforms

GADD logo

The Global Alliance on Drones in Development brings together the leaders in drone applications for sustainable development to build an open knowledge repository of case studies, experiences, challenges and solutions.

Global Alliance on Health Innovations an

The Global Alliance on Health Innovations and Research brings together researchers, innovators, investors and policy-makers to build and support equitable adoption of emerging technologies in health and medical industries.

Global Alliance of Women in Health Innovations (GAWHI)

The Global Alliance on Women in Health Innovations brings together women who are the torchbearers of sustainable health innovations, highlighting their work, achievements and vision, challenges and success stories.

Our Key Projects

We have initiated and completed a number of projects since our inception in 2018. Some of the most exciting projects that we loved executing brought together multistakeholder groups together to create longlasting impact.

UAV Task Force
uav task force.png

UAV Task Force started as a conversation about responding to the ongoing Kerala floods in 2018 and scaled up to a 200+ member initiative that helped teams rapidly respond to local natural disasters with drones and geospatial data.

Project Caerodrome
Project Caerodrome.png

Project Caerodrome is aimed at bringing drones and flying ambulances to remote communities, building last-mile connectivity, bridging the access divide, and strengthening public health and safety systems.

Project WINGS
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Project WINGS brings advanced technologies such as drones, robotics, space technologies and data science to classrooms, inspiring young leaders to solve global challenges through thoughtful and conscious leadership. 

Drones for Daughters
drones for daughters logo.png

Drones for Daughters aims to reduce the gender gap in emerging technologies, by making it easy for more girls to learn about drones, robotics, aviation and space sciences and lead the domain through thought leadership.

Our Services

We design, develop and deploy a set of research, learning and implementation tools to support micro-ecosystems for the adoption of emerging technologies at scale. Our programs are oriented towards understanding the unique challenges faced by the communities. We use a planet-centred approach to design the framework and a human-centred approach to make the systems easier to adopt and scale.  

Upcoming Events

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