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UAV Task Force

UAV Task Force Workshops: Call for Partnerships

#Drones have been proven time and again to be extremely effective in providing timely and accurate geospatial data and live aerial imagery, absolutely necessary when responding to emergencies. Inadequate number of trained local experts always slows down the response and makes it less impactful. 

India Flying Labs and their partners (both in India and in the global FL network) have responded to several disasters using drones and we have trained at least 150 students and professionals in Drones and Data for Disasters (through in-person workshops) and at least 100 more individuals through our online learning platform (Global Alliance on Drones in Development) over the last 4 years.

We will be organizing a series of in-person workshops and drills for UAV Task Force with the theme 'Drones and Data for Public Safety and Disaster Management' across #India between April and June 2022 (before the next flood season). 

To make these workshops most effective and maximizing our reach, we need:

State Operations Leaders:

- To take full responsibility of organizing the workshop and drills in their respective states; must be a local, be well aware about the local culture, language and vulnerabilities and must have a strong social and professional network in the state

Location Partners:

- To provide their location, preferably a building with a ground attached in a green zone, with minimal crowd

Drone Partners:

- To provide certified and policy-compliant camera drones (nano/micro/small) for practice during the workshops and drills

GIS/ UTM/ UOM Partners:

- To provide your software program for practice

Training Partners:

-To provide certified drone trainers for the programs and co-certify the participants for successful completion of courses

Network Partners:

- To help us reach out to the potential course participants and key stakeholders in government, non-profits, security agencies, universities and corporates


To help us secure an operational funding, in exchange of branding and PR, or if possible, short-term grants

Key Situations:




Key Operations:



uav task force
Drones and Data in Public Safety and Disaster Management
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