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Director of Health Systems

Village Reach

Olivier Defawe

Olivier leads the design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of
health system programs, with particular focus on Francophile countries (e.g. Guinea and Democratic Republic of Congo). He supports the operations of existing health system programs as well as the development and implementation of new programs.

Prior to VillageReach, Olivier was with ITECH, managing health information (e.g. EMR, LIMS) and laboratory systems implementation in the Haiti and Côte d’Ivoire teams. Prior, Olivier was the Operations Manager for the HIV Vaccine Trials Network laboratory program at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Olivier holds a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Liège in Belgium, completing his post-doctorate work at the University of Washington.


Drones for a more Responsive and Resilient Health Supply Chain.
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