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2nd International Conference on Drones in Development

Raw, Unedited Conference Recording


A Global Convention on Drones for Sustainable Development and Social Impact 

2 Days | 30+ Presenters | 6 Themes

Drones have received a tremendous boost in the past few years and are about to revolutionise many industries. Autonomous technologies in general, and aviation in particular, have been at the forefront of all discussions on emerging technologies. Investors have their eyeballs on this trillion-dollar industry and policy-makers are under a lot of pressure to systematise the drone ecosystem in their respective countries. The innovators are enthusiastically getting their products to the market and consumers are hungry for new and improved solutions. Drone-based services have opened up new jobs and youth are curious about the futures they may build with drones-based careers.


A lot has been done, and a lot still needs to be done to make drones an everyday reality. This International Conference on Drones in Development aims to bring together scientists and innovators, businesses and implementation agencies, regulators and investors, students and subject-matter experts to discuss how drones will be the heroes of sustainable development and social impact through case studies, field experiences, scientific papers and panel discussions. 


The 2nd International Conference on Drones in Development adds to the growing repertoire of knowledge and experience that will help stakeholders take key decisions, design effective strategies and prepare themselves for a sustainable, scalable and safe drone ecosystem.

The Conference Presentations

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